Prayer Request

Prayer Request

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  1. says:

    hello, praying now!

  2. Lord, we come to you now on behalf of our brother and sister in You. Your word says that nothing formed against us shall prosper, so without any doubt, we are FULLY believing this for this couple. We praise You Lord, for the hedge of protection and guardian angels that surround and encamp about them right now, we thank You that You take care of Your own. They are truly about their Father’s business and are spreading the truth about You to the world and are helping so many, including us. When we found them, we had just left a church that we felt You told us in urgency to run from, but even so, we were confused and You set before us this couple that has set everything so straight. You told us to go & we went, and You sent these people to explain Your reasoning for it all and continue to use them in our lives. We are so thankful to You, for You never fail us. May You pour out such a blessing on Paul and his wife and fill their cup to overflowing and keep Your mighty hand upon them. In Jesus name we pray, Amen & Amen.

  3. Latosha says:

    My overall prayer is to be covered and emerged in the blood of Jesus. This JEzebel Spirit and the clip you have ministered is the forreal . I asked that you pray that God will cover me truly and my household under the blood

  4. Pastor, I requested prayer for a place to live about 1 week ago ( I even got to tell the landlord about Jesus:) the Lord has provided a temp place and opened the door wide for returning to Alaska. With a place to stay with a Christian couple I know and love, NO RENT !! So…… thank you from the bottom of my heart :) Love, love, love ya’ll – jana <3

    p.s. Hoping my Yeshua will allow me to salmon fish again this summer ! Either way, I will trust and obey Him. WE SERVE THE MOST AWESOME GOD !!!!!!!

  5. Angela says:

    God I pray You surround this couple with an hedge of protection,let Your angels protect them and slay the enemy trying to come into their home and ministry,I bind that old serpent and his cohorts by the power and authority given through Your Holy Ghost,by the Blood of Jesus,which covers all that is,was,and will be,unto the end. I thank You Lord for leading me to His ministry,that has taught me so much,and what God has done ,no man or evil can undo,in the Name of Jesus Christ I pray…Amen..

  6. jc says:

    Please pray for my family. None are saves, rebellious and do not want to hear the truth.One does not believe in god, one is mad at god for the loss of a child. One just don’t want to hear. One is in prison and he believes but he feels that he isnt good enough and one only calls upon God when in need. i want them all to be saved! Please pray for them. In His Love, Jc

  7. A brother says:

    Which place do you think is the best place to relocate and settle in away from Los Angeles since we heard from your youtube about the earthquakes coming to California? Please pray and tell us what you are hearing from the Lord!!

  8. Veronica says:

    Where are your recent videos,are u ok?

    • Hi, Yes I am fine, thank you very much and God Bless You.

      • Sincerely His says:

        Hi Brother Paul!

        I hope you’re okay, I pray for you and Gail frequently and often wonder why you vanished from your ministry? You are truly a salt and a light and very deeply missed. Several of your viewers have been inquiring about you and we don’t understand what happened. We hope you’re not in any trouble and limited to your responses. Our prayers will continue to be with you, praying that if it’s God’s will, He’ll get you back in service again, you have no idea how much He used you! God bless you and Gail, Sincerely His! :D

  9. Raquel says:

    Finally found this website again… I need prayer over me and my apartment and doors?!!!
    I’ve been having attacks in my sleep for like idk … The past 4-5 months? It is always the same nightmare but different place and different entity/body but same evil demonic woman… Like last night I woke up shouting in tongues and I have no clue what I was saying but this time it was much more scarier than my other “nightmares”/attacks … I could see in my dream … My living room and the door was open and the light coming from my living room and I could see the demon child ugly scary thing but demonic and it was taunting me like it was happy it got in my room because ok idk where to start but basically it was scarier this time because the main mission of this demonic woman is to enter my room and every time I hear the door being jiggled and I’m either trying to hold it shut and also I eat knocking in my dream like the police and also someone (demon) always trying to get in my apt … And or room… The main mission is my room…
    But anyways last night it was scary because as I was dreaming of this evil thing I got scared and started shouting in tongues and even I think they sounded weird like OMG did I just say CA CA? But I think I was just so heavily oppressed by this demon you know when you try to talk and your words can’t come out and you stutter? That’s what happened but I just kept shouting and the louder I got the easier the sounds flower out and I woke myself up from my own shouting and what freake me out the most is I couldn’t move meanwhile but my eyes wore wide open and the scary part is I could still see this evil child/old demon woman in my room still!!!!!!!!!!! So it starte backing up as I spoke in tongues and then my husband heard me and he “woke” me up and that’s when I blinked my eyes and literally it dissapeared … But anyways ..
    I keep having this recurring dream where a dominically possessed woman is trying to get in my room and attack me… And every time … Never fails… I wake up shouting speaking in tongues! I even woke up crying once speaking in tongues because it was that intense!!!! It doesn’t matter if I sleep with the light on or Christian music which is what I had on lastnight … And no matter what time it is day or night … I just can’t sleep in peace … Obviously it doesn’t happen every day but I feel like its happened on so many occasions now that I feel like I’m being spiritually attacked .. I need prayer over this because idk …
    One of the times I was attacked .. It actually was in a dream I was having that was nice and peaceful!!! And out of no where!!! The normal woman I was next to helping pack stuff in a bag become a demon and attacked me! Literally did not feel or see that coming at all… It was quick and I was literally fighting for my life and she was pushing me and I was pushing back and speaking in tongues again… Idk obviously there’s a demonic woman trying to attack me?!!! always trying to enter my room… I hear knocking but I know it’s not good… And last night it was like 3:30 am when I had this attack… I was walking through a pitch black parking lot and I saw a HuGE HUGE giant eagle … Not a normal one but like lord of the rings huge eagle and it was looking out but the person I was with kind of took me behind it so we wouldn’t disturb it and us get noticed … But that’s pretty much it … Every time I have these attacks I literally feel like I’m having a heart attack… And my chest is always sore and I just need prayer because my husband doesn’t really believe I am speaking in tongues … He says I was saying jibberish again … And instead of having that support an prayer … No he just goes back to sleep and I’m just like ok now I’m alone … I feel like these are not going to stop unless I seek help and prayer from much more spiritually stronger people…

    • alexis says:

      hello rebuke the devil before you sleep pray pray pray rebuke the devil pray to jesus and dont forget the armor of god when you pray put on the armor of god when your done read psaml 23 in the bible read it like three times and relax and go to sleep and pray for those nightmares to go away. i will pray for you

  10. Christine says:

    Sorry to be a bother just now. My husband has let me down massively today, and then blamed me.

    Feel like Ive been slammed against the wall again! His lies and excuses are so disgusting to me!!


    Christine xx

    • Heather Gudino says:

      You’re in my prayer’s sister.I pray that you are filled with the holy spirit everyday. Wrwpped up in father’s love.

  11. Jessie says:

    Hello and God bless you Paul, your wife Gail and everyone. First I wanted to testify to you that after your video on YT on deliverance from the serpent spirit recently I prayed along with you and was delivered from all that PRAISE YESHUA!! I do have a request for prayer. I have been seperated from my husband for many months since feb this year and would like to ask for prayers to be reunited with him. The devil had split us up after we were reading scripture together and it didnt last. Everything fell apart and we were divided. I am with my family that doesn’t want to believe anything I’ve witnessed to them about and wont repent. Please pray for them and for my marriage to be reconciled and for me to be delivered from the unstable foundation which is this house I’m in. Thank you Paul and may you and your wife be blessed! much love, Jessie

    • Jessie says:

      Father Abba, I uplift Paul and Gail and his whole family in the name of Yeshua. Please place a hedge of protection on their home their pets their vehicles their families and homes and bring everyone that you promised him Lord to salvation in the name of Yeshua HaMachiach sone of the most high God in heaven! I declare this is done in Yeshua’s precious powerful holy name! AMEN!

    • Dear Jessie,
      Please excuse my intrusion but I am standing with you in prayer for you and your husband to be reunited. As you can see from my prayer request, God is pleased to heal and strengthen a marriage. I know He is always able to bring His shalom to any situation
      Even since I sent my prayer, my husband text me to say he is on his way home, very tired!! I must just love him and leave the rest to Jesus to accomplish in him. Let’s just rejoice in Christ and be happy in Him all the time because nothing is for very long in this world.
      Love and peace to you my sister.
      Christine in England xxxxxxx.

  12. Dear Paul, Thank you for continuing your ministry. I have so valued your videos since I first found you. We are all blessed and helped by your honesty and integrity in preaching.
    Please pray for me and my husband Allan. We were separated 5years and 2years ago the Lord began to bring us together. We go to the same church since and last week my husband moved back home again!
    I set my face like flint to obey the Lord in this 2yrs ago and only that promise to Him has kept me doing His will in our marraige. In 2years maybe 40 times my husband has rejected me, thrown me out of his house, ignored me for weeks etc. All that time the Lord kept me close to Him and showed me His love and faithfulness, how I can trust Him and not fear rejection and abandonment anymore.
    My husband was an alcholic 30years, he was delivered of that 9years ago. We are not young and have grown up children and grandchildren. Allan is plagued with anger over almost anything, raging, swearing, aggressive and judgemental. His father left home after his mother took up with a lodger who later became his stepfather and abused all 6 children. Their only course was to run out of the house when their mother flew into violent rages.
    Since then, unless I keep him happy and accept his behaviour, he runs away, leaving our home, hating me and blaming me for all his life’s misery. This just happened again on Tuesday, I am staying quiet at home, I am praying for his deliverance from anger and all demonic oppression. “THE BATTLE BELONGS TO THE LORD. HE IS MIGHTY TO DELIVER.”After a sleepless night on Tuesday, I felt the Lord remind me, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” so I am.
    Allan is also tormented by sleeplessness and anxiety. When he falls into a light sleep, his whole body convulses strongly every 20secs or so and he wakes 5-6times a night. Consequenty, he has no idea what it is to be rested and is perpetually hyperactive and agitated. Only lately I persuaded him to read aloud for us 3chapters from his new testament just before sleep as he only opened his bible in meetings which he enjoys attending. Also on Monday night we agreed to begin each day praying together and submit ourselves to God’s guidnce thrugh His Holy Spirit. Allan prayed such an anointed prayer for us that night and in the morning all hell let loose. He became very abusive, said he was leaving, called me a liar, grabbed me by the neck with both hands hard and said he hated me, I was the father of lies and evil! So I had to let him go, in fact I told him to get out, which I have not done in these 2years. I have heard nothing from him, he normally will ignore any calls or texts or efforts to speak to him when he is enraged and sulking basically.
    I ask you to agree with me in prayer that our LORD JESUS will mightily deliver Allan Chandler from all demonic oppression? I know in my heart that He can, and wants to free his child from tormenting spirits. I believe He can do this in His own sovereign way and time and requires no help or prompting from us. I do love my husband with the reckless love of Christ, and I relinquish this whole situation into His Own hands, knowing and believing that Jesus does hear and answer my prayer even as I cry out to Him. Amen.
    Thank you so much for reading all of this sad tale, Christ will be glorified in our lives and His name will be praised. In Christ we are overcomers by the Precious Blood of Jesus and by nothing less.
    Blessings and peace to you and Gail, may the Blood of Christ protect you from all harm in standing with me in faith today.
    My love goes out to you and to your family.
    Christine in England xx

    • anon says:

      Confession of all known sins first step. Then open air preaching shouting repentance everywhere inside buildings 24/7 and airport, in streets nonstop…literally til arrested while arrested. Pray ask Lord do whatever takes save you all from he’ll. People are already open air preaching in airports including overseas I seen video online. Matthew 5:20 is hint. Open air nonstop til very end. Never stop. Even if accidental took rigid just preach open air no stop. Ask Lord be will receive your spirit as Stephen before you preach nonstop. Tell everyone preach in airports aloud til arrested and continue preach even in jail aloud, while be beaten etc. Never stop.

  13. I just typed out a page to let you know that I am not blameless in this marriage. In the past I have reacted to rejection with anger and indifference. I set my face and my heart away from Allan and from the Lord, to my loss and lonilness and grief.
    2years ago the Lord separated me to Himself for 70days and nights. He squeezed so many pips out of me during that time, persuaded me to believe His will for our marriage is not separation, and then gave me such a vast and supernatural love for Allan. This love has been severely tested many times and is truly God’s agape love, not human selfish love.
    Well, on Tuesday I lapsed back to my old reaction to rejection when Allan again threatened to “get out of here” I was disgusted as the Lord has shown him so much and made our way smooth in spite of all Allan’s dreads! I have learned so many times that I AM CALLED JUST TO LOVE MY HUSBAND, and leave the solutions to all problems to Him. I have no right to be indignant on God’s behalf, He can handle it! I am without excuse for being cold and haughty.
    I believe God’s work in us is ongoing, I cannot promise to be always Allan’s ideal wife. I still have some pips which trouble me. God forgive me, I just need Allan to know that.-

    • Jessie says:

      Thank you sister so much for standing with me in prayer and all that do. I teared up reading your posts and realize I am not alone. I too struggle with a similar battle like you have been. I too was physically abused by him and he and your husband sound similar with the anger issues and everything. and I too have been at fault for my anger issues.
      My husband and I are still seperated and I only talked to him once at the begining of august and not since then. He claimed still he wanted a divorce but still nothing has happened and no communication since then has taken place.
      I only feel I can just give this to our Lord Jesus. I am still very hurt and wondering why nothing is happening and still at a stay still for now. I’ve shed many tears over the months about this and all the lost.
      I stand in prayer with you for your husband and you too sister Christine Chandler.
      I pray for both of you to come together in love in Jesus name with a renued love of all of you in harmony. I pray that too for my situation. I pray that for everyone that sees this and more!!! I again pray for a strong marriage of love and Jesus with everyone!!! God bless you all in Jesus name!!!

  14. Jessie says:

    Thank you all for your prayers. Sadly, It is ending in divorce and I am summoned to court. I ask for strength to get through this and peace. I am very upset and have been struggling emotionally, mentally and physically to get through this. I can’t wait til we are with Jesus.
    God bless you all.
    much love.

    • Heather Gudino says:

      Father has you in the palm of his hand’s. As human’s thing’s are not easy but we realize we can not do anything on our own. Just keep leaning in on jesus. I’m praying for you. God Bless you.

  15. Daniel Spannknebel says:

    hi minister paul not sure if this is how to reach you but I would like to share this testimony with you and say thanks for your service to god, Iam 31 years old and I have small religious backround but recently 7 or so months ago I felt a pull inside from god I believe to change my ways and turn to him well slowly but surely I took the things out of my life that I felt where contrary to the bible and what jesus said, the reason Iam writing this is because a month or so ago thru many circumstances I started attending a Pentecostal congregation I had never heard much about there doctrines or teachings etc but I was serachin for there baptismal formula because of acts 2:38 etc, so I went thru that process of baptism and was attending there services it was joyous at first and then the topic came up I don’t remember how but it became very troubling and caused a division inside me it was “trinity vs oneness” I wasn’t fully aware of what the the teaching was intialy but I come to find out what they believed and so I began a mental battle to say the least and also many red flags where coming up concerning members and the pastor etc I tried to ignore all this and also reach out but felt kind of helpless like no one would understand so three weeks ago I decided that I had to take a step back from “there congregation” I felt like I was being pulled away from the lord more and more but I was being told otherwise and how the enemy is doing this and that,since that choice I have been paralyzed in fear and confusion and trying to identify “my relationship with god” hope that makes sense,tonight was kinda of like a act of deperation calling to god for clarity and deliverance I typed in the best description I could of what I was goin thru and I found one of your videos and it seemed taylor fitted for my situation also the numbers 727/and the 111 are very significant for me and they where a highlight of the particular video I speak of,to say the least I feel a weight has been lifted and I have hope where there was little that’s why I wrote this i just want to say thank you and all who help you please pray for me and my family and the ones i might have damaged thru my efforts to correct i believe my heart was in the right place but i was wrong,its amazing and nothing short of a miracle i found your video ! praise god for he is good ..father,son,and holy spirit.

  16. scott says:

    Hi this is scott mawhinney just asking for prayer Im a contractor own a small business and running low on work wondering what God wants me to do or hoping he sends some work my way praying for His wisdom . Love your videos Mr Paul thanks for prayers

  17. Jessie says:

    Hi Paul and everyone. Here’s the devotional I just read today from the upper room. Let this bring you comfort Paul and bless you.
    Read Psalm 109:1-4 “The psalmist wrote, “But I am a man of prayer.” -Psalm 109:4
    the devotion story as read in the upper room:

    When I first stumbled upon this passage it was almost shocking to me. At the time I was very concerned about a friend’s situation. I was praying earnestly for my friend and to be honest, I found myself wondering just how effective prayer really was in situations like my friend’s. And then I read the psalmist’s words.
    What makes today’s quoted verse so remarkable are the verses that precede it. Though David did not write all the psalms, he was likely the writer of this one, In the first few verses of this psalm he writes are some awful and even scary things. He says wicked and decietful men have told lies about him. They have surounded him with words of hatred. They have fought against him without cause. In return for his friendship they have accused him. Then he writes, “But I am a man of prayer.”
    David could have fought against these men. He was a mighty warrior. He could have judged them because he was the king. But what did he choose to do instead? He prayed. David, the soldier and king, considered prayer his best defense against these enemies. What a powerful model for us to live by!
    Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, thank you so much for the priviledge of prayer. Regardless of our circumstances, help us to be people of prayer. In your sons’s name, Amen.
    -Harriet Michael (Kentucky) Prayer Focus: MY ENEMIES

    That’s all of it. And Paul, just hold that prayer cloth I end you close and stay in the arms of Jesus.
    You will be renewed and strengthened for your journey in Him. YHVH is with you.
    Never forget, you also have many brothers and sisters praying intercessory prayer for you too Paul and your family. As you were healed so shall you be healed and a great REVIVAL shall occur in the body of christ as our gifts are strengthened for this time. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God who is coming back again. Rise up Saints and take your places in Christ Jesus!
    God bless you all.

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